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Contact Matt Korhonen if you would like to advertise your shop / web on OCplus . Current page views exceed 17000 per month , with over 7000+ unique visitors per month .
Here is the latest visitor graph from: freeservers.com , July 31, 2002 again its for unique visitors .

Next Page hits .

I will update this page on a monthly ( ? ) basis for those that would like to monitor the growth of OCplus , and for those who would like to sponsor OCplus in the future :

Current system specks : Epox 8k3a / xp1700 @ 11x166 1.75v / 256meg Samsung PC2700 ram / Volcano 7+ / GF4ti4200 / C-media sound / Maxtor 40gig ATA133 7200rpm/ Seagate 20gig ATA100 7200rpm / 50x CDrom / 32x12x40CDrw / TV-card / PCI 56k modem /

Email me here: or just send the product for review to:

Matt Korhonen :

7 Harris Crt , Clayton sth

Melbourne Australia 3169

Matt Korhonen : Webmaster OCplus