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AMD XP1700 



As a happy owner of a Asus A7v133c Motherboard , I could but not help feel that I was being left behind in the CPU stakes . My faithful T-bird 1ghz is now a full 1ghz + behind in the speed stakes , and as for Motherboards , well the KT333 chipset would seem to be the place to be . Since Im not made of money , and I was looking for more speed , the cheapest and easiest option was to buy a new CPU .

 AMD XP1700

Actual MHZ for this cpu is 1466 , with a 11 multiplier ( 11 x 133 = 1466 ) . I cant but help to mention that a lot of people seem to be having problems with the XP cpu's and KT133 chipsets . Here is what happened to me , and most likely you . On booting the system , it automatically sets the bus speed to 100mhz ( 1100mhz cpu clock ) . What you have to do is go into the bios and set your bus speed to 133mhz so that the cpu will run at the correct speed .  XP cpu's run default 133mhz bus ,  and  likely most KT133 chipset motherboards will not know this and there fore boot at their default 100mhz bus speed . So with my MB set to 133mhz bus the cpu is running at the correct speed , and I have had no problems what so ever .

 XP1700 vs T-bird 1ghz @ 1066mhz

Most of you already know that the 1700 is not the actual clock speed of the XP cpu , but rather the level of performance when compared to the P4 cpu . XP1700 ( 1.466mhz ) vs T-bird 1ghz . Thats 400mhz more clock speed , so lets see what that actually means in real world performance .

Heat : The XP cpu's are said to run cooler than their T-bird fore bares , and I must say that this is just the case . Room temp is 22deg Celsius , the T-bird did some 43deg Celsius with my Arkua 7528 doing the cooling . Same cooler , same room temp and this time its the Xp1700 , 41deg Celsius . Thats 400mhz more in clock speed  , and 2deg C cooler . 

3Dmark2001 : I was getting just under 4000 3Dmark 2001 points with the T-bird set at 8 x 133mhz = 1066mhz . My graphics card is a GF2 titanium and when OCed to the max will do around 4400 3Dmarks . So with everything at stock clock speeds lets see what the XP1700 does for my system .

Well thats just over 10% in 3Dmark 2001 for a 46% boost in cpu speed , and believe it or not , is right on the money for what I was expecting .

Sisoft Sandra 2001te : Might be time for me to download the latest ver of sisoft but this will have to do for now . Please only use these scores to compare the two cpu's in my system as I have a fair bit of stuff running in the background .

T-bird 1ghz @ 1066mhz

Thats 2976 MIPS in the Dhrystone test and 1464 Mflops in the Whetstone .

XP1700 1.466mhz.

Ok . thats 4038 MIPS for the Dhrystone test and 2048 Mflops in Whetstone .


Compared to the P4 1.6ghz cpu the XP1700 just kills it in the Dhrystone test , but in the Whetstone test the margin is much closer . A very good performance boost all round thank you , a more powerful cpu will always give  your system a performance boost , something you may not notice from buying a faster HDD , more ram or a slightly faster graphics card .  Buying a faster CPU has always been the easiest way to upgrade your system , and I must say that it still is . So if you though that your Asus A7v133c MB wont support a XP cpu , now you know different , just remember to set the bus speed to 133mhz . 


It would seem that some retailers ( Sunday computer market stall holders ) dont want to give you any Warranty when buying a XP CPU unless you buy a cooler from them at the same time . I told them I was using the Arkua 7528 but only got a blank stare back and was told no cooler no warranty . So find one that will sell you the CPU with warranty without having to buy a new cooler .

Overclocking :

I havent tried to overclock this cpu yet , seriously , its just so much faster than my old T-bird 1ghz , so Im going to hold of until I unlock the cpu , and then see how far I can push this cpu .

Updated : Who am I kidding , I had to see what it could do , at 140mhz bus I got 1540mhz cpu clock ,  and with the graphics card Oced to 291mhz core and 458mhz Mem clock the 3Dmark2001 score was 4877 , 3Dmark2000 gave 9969 marks . Unfortunately my ram becomes unstable after 140mhz bus speed , so the only way to find out what it will do is to use faster ram ( pc166 ) or unlock the cpu . Extra voltage to the cpu does not help at all , so Im rather sure that the limiting factor is my Pc133   ram .