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Apacer Handy Drive 32meg

This review was kindly made possible by : ANYWARE

Tuesday April 30 2002


Well folks here it is , the Handy Drive from Apacer . The Handy Drive is a plug and play device , simply plug into any USB port and the computer will automatically detect it as a removable disk drive . The handy drive comes in various storage capacities of , 8mb , 16mb , 32mb , 64mb , 128mb , 256mb , 512mb , and 1Gb . Win98 needs the drivers for this device but win ME , 2000 , XP don't , and installing the drivers is as easy as can be . Looking in the box , the Handy Drive comes with a USB extension cable , Carry strap / string for carrying the HD like a pendant , instruction manual and win98 drivers , all neatly packed in a small but sturdy box .

Handy Drive Features:

. Support flash ROM ( EEPROM ) for ISP ( In system programming ) through USB port . It can update the system firmware anywhere and anytime for the security demand .

. Support Toshiba & Fujitsu & Samsung NAND flash memory 32Mbit, 64Mbit, 128Mbit, 256Mbit, 512Mbit, and 1Gbit

. Support USB specification rev 1.1

. Transfer rate up to 12Mbit per second at full speed .

. Support power saving mode to reduce the power consumption while using Handy Drive in any mobile devices.

. Support win 98/98SE with device drivers .

. Support win ME / XP / 2000 / Mac 8.6 or above / Linux 2.4.0 or above , without any device drivers .

. Drivers available for Linux RedHat 7 & SuSe 7.1

. LED indicates when the HD is in use .

. Write / delete protection switch .

. Hot Plug & Play . Enables you to install / uninstall HD anytime.

. Durable solid-state storage , more than 10 years data retention.

. No external power required , as its powered by the USB bus.

Testing : 123

To test Handy Drive , I recorded some TV in AVI format , aprox 30,316kb of footage and then timed how long it would take to transfer over to the Handy Drive , say compared to my Back up HDD . Well it took 35 seconds to transfer the 30,316kb AVI file to the Handy Drive and only 4.5 sec to my back up HDD . Well thats 7 times longer , but something I could live with . Playing the AVI file from the Handy Drive was no problem at all , with the AVI playing as well as from the HDD .

Conclusion :

The Handy Drive is meant to be a storage device and as such works like a treat , from 8meg to 1gig , you chose how much you will be needing and pay accordingly . I have still not received the recommended retail  prices on the Handy Drive so I cant tell you what you will be paying . 

You can see from this picture just how small the Handy Drive is , and as such is far easier to carry around than a Floppy or Zip disk , and dep on the HD you chose have far superior storage capacity . The Handy Drive has a small switch for locking the drive , making it virtually impossible to install or delete  data on the HD , making for extremely secure data storage . I would not be the least bit surprised if the CIA were not already using this device , or something similar , and from what I have heard the Handy Drive is very popular with the Executive set . Wont be too long before the kids at school start carrying HD's rather than note books around from class to class , well maybe , still the Handy Drive is a very easy and secure way to carry data to or from work , or even have your entire presentation stored on the HD , simply plug into a USB port and play , on virtually any computer , anywhere . In all fairness this product is hard to fault , and easy to fall in love with , ok it takes a little time to load the data on , but the same goes for the ZIP Drive , and there is no way Im going to go around with a HDD in my pocket ( are you just glad to see me or is that a HDD in your pocket ) .

So for all intensive purposes this is one great idea , one fine product , small and innovative , yep I like it , and if you buy one Im sure you'll like it as well , and unlike a ZIP drive , it wont die on you the week after the warranty ran out , like my ZIP drive did .   10 out of 10 here folks , so give the Handy Drive a good long look see if you are looking for a very small data storage device , that can be used on virtually any computer you have access to with a USB port .

I would like to thank ANYWARE for making this review possible .

Matt Korhonen