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This review was kindly sponsored by : Anyware 


  This is the newest , baddest , bad boy on the block at the moment , and from what I understand  , there are not too many Volcano 7+ in Australia at the moment . So I would like to take the opportunity to thank Garrison Huang from Anyware Computer Accessories for making this review possible . Lets have a look at some pictures now .



As you may or may not know this heatsink comes with mounting hardware for P4 and socket 370 / socket A applications , being in the socket A camp myself we wont bother with the P4 setup . Let me assure you that this being a solid copper cooler that there is a reasonable weight penalty , according to my kitchen scales this cooler weighs in at 650grams or 1pound 7ouncess . So you Lan Gamers be careful , esp when transporting you computer. Warning : At 6.6W do not attempt to run this fan of your MB fan headers .

Cooler Specs:

Fan Dimension: 70x70x25

Rated Voltage: 12VDC

Rated Current: 0.55AMP max

Power Input: 6.6W max

Bearing type: 2 ball bearing

Life time : 50 000 Hours

Fan speed settings : H, M, L

Fan speed : H = 6000rpm, M = 4800rpm, L = 3000rpm

Max air flow : 49CFM

Noise : H = 47dBA, M = 35dBA, L = 24dBA


On to the test :

My cpu is a AMD XP1700 running slightly overclocked @ 1.53ghz , 1.75v on a Asus A7v133c Mother board . The test will be run with the side cover of , with 3Dmark2001 demo looped for 20min and then 2 3Dmark2001 benchmarks in a row . My Arkua 6228 will then be run against it , current room temp is 21-22deg Celsius.

Volcano 7+ @ the slowest setting .

Very very quiet , yes folks Thermaltake should have called this speed setting the Hush Mode .  So lets see how it did .

43deg C : Thats a rather impressive result , esp considering the lack of noise , for you chaps out there running servers out of your bedrooms , please take note . 

Volcano 7+ @ the Medium setting .

Now you start to notice the fan , its not so bad as to be irritating , but you will certainly be made aware of its presence . Lets take a look at how it performs .

40deg C : Well the performance is now in the major league arena , dont forget that we still have one more speed to play with , High !

Volcano 7+ @ the High setting .

Well if you didnt notice the fan before , you will now . Its the unfortunate price you pay for serious cooling power . 

39deg C : Thats a seriously good result , esp since I already know how the Arkua 6228 performed .

Arkua 6228 .

This is my favorite cooler when it comes to performance cooling , and the yardstick by which I judge other coolers . Lets see how it did .

40deg Celsius.

After Thought:

Thermaltake has succeeded in making a cooler to suit everyone , in the one package . A nice quiet cooler for when you want to quietly get down to some serious work or just surfing the net . A cooler that can turn on the power when the weather turns hot , and a cooler that can perform with the best , for keeping that overclocked cpu cool . I can not fault this cooler , even with its larger than standard size , it went on my mother board , first time , first try . The tension on the retaining clip seems to be just right , the only 2 warnings that I would make are common sense  ones . Dont abuse your computer when transporting it , less you want the cooler lose in your precious machine . Two , screw or glue the speed controller down , its made from metal , and if left free may short your puter .

Even on the slowest setting this is a powerful cooler , and I wish I wish it was mine to keep ( would be nice if Thermaltake sent me one to use as a yardstick to measure other coolers by , hmmm ? ) . Unfortunately I had to give it back , but from what I understand it wont be too long before a shipment of Thermaltake Volcano 7+ make it to our shores .

The volcano 7+ is now the second best cooler that I have tested to date , and the performance is so close to the Swiftech MCX 462 that the only way to tell for sure which is the better would be to run them against each other . 


Wow , this cooler evokes so many thoughts its not funny , so what come's to mind besides  I want one ? Its well made , big , powerful , and has Hush mode built in . It really is 3 coolers in one , and when your deciding if you want one , keep that in mind , esp the cost of single speed copper cooler . Thermaltake have come up with another must have cooler , its trick , its hot , its now . The Volcano 7+ is where cooling is at the moment , 10 out of 10 Thermaltake you've done it again .


I would like to thank : Anyware , for making this review possible .

Matt Korhonen : 15 March 2002 .